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The Gallery of WBLD DJs 1988 - 2005

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Here is a gallery of former WBLD DJs from 1988 until the present. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a bigger picture. If I have the class year wrong, let me know at

ALSO: We have started a "where are they now" section on this page.  If you would like to update us on what you have been doing lately, or send us a picture, please email

Jason Weintraub ('92), Wally Horne ('89), Mehul Parekh ('93), Jason Blum ('91), Jonathan Bruss ('91), Michelle Wyner ('91)

 Elvin Pitts ('95), Cortney McLean (95), John Curtis ('93), Matt Kantor ('94), Mike Thompson & Jason Sowa ('91),  Jeff "Fievel" Moss ('90)

Adam "Vital" Organ ('94), Jille Stern ('89), Christian Mueller & Jason Blum ('91), Elizabeth Chin ('91), Jeff Klein ('90), Brian Stein ('92)

Stacy Gastwirth ('97), David Greenhut ('95), Brett Mobey ('95) Brian Rice ('96), Adam "Hay" Stone ('94), Christopher Rohn ('96).

Mike Baumann ('97), Jessica Erlich ('97), Sarah Greko ('98),  Aaron "Noodles" Schwartz ('93), Rick Hendricks ('96)

David Gomez ('99), Christoph Pursifull ('02), Rob Goldman ('98), Stephanie Fleming ('02), Deena Loeffler ('99), Luke Vermuelen ('99)

Diana Duke ('02), Mychal Watson ('02), Dusty Zacks ('99), Jared Goldberg ('02), Jaime Long ('00) Vlad Brayman ('00)

Jared Yellin ('02), Brent "B.B." Burgess ('04), John Hoover ('03), Aaron Koper ('00), Tyoma Zisser ('02), David Turner ('03)

Jennifer Lee ('04), Grant Torre ('03), Brent Shapiro ('03), Ryan Beeler ('03), Mike Friedmann ('03), Eric Ambrose ('02)

Brad Schneider ('04), Samantha Noel ('04), Aaron "old" Levine ('05), Eric Maniloff ('05), Matt Moss ('05), Rashid Baset ('05)

Brett Manchell ('05), Valerie Gjukich ('05), Mike "DJ Busker" Baum ('04), Adam "the fish" Jacobs ('04), Sarah Kiperman ('05), Will Scott ('05)

B'Daren Payne ('06)


If you have any recent pictures, feel free to email them to

Below is a picture of Adam "The Fish" Jacobs, class of 2004, who is serving our country in the United States Air Force. He is currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan, where this picture was taken in January of 2006 (Adam is second from the left). All of us at WBLD are very proud of Adam!

From Jared Goldberg, class of 2002:

"I'm currently a senior at the University of Michigan, majoring in Biology and History.  At some point I want to be in medical school.  While in college, I switched from radio to the newspaper . . . I currently write for The Michigan Daily in the opinion section . . . I guess that's it for now."

From Howard Iwrey, class of 1979:

"Nice Website. I was on the WBLD for 1975 through 1979 (when people listened to the radio because there was nothing else to do. Now a lawyer in Detroit and represented a few rock stars. Also, I'm Dan Iwrey's father."

From Michelle Hedstrom (Wyner), class of 1991:

"After switching from software engineering to teaching middle school I found my sanity, and am doing Technical Training at Yahoo out here in CA and loving it. I spend my free time playing ice hockey, going to the Sharks games, playing with my dogs, and scrapbooking. Will be married 5 years this May. No kids yet, but 2 labradors." (Here's a recent picture of "Meesh"):